Social Media Optimization
Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have created unique online communities of individuals who share similar interests and activities. Highly Relevant’s Social Network Management service empowers companies to connect directly with these targeted communities, thereby reaching existing and potential customers quickly and effectively. With a strong presence in relevant social media networks, companies can take advantage of two-way communication channels. Valuable consumer insights and ideas can be utilized to enhance service offerings, refine and deliver new products, and attract new loyal customers. In addition, Highly Relevant’s social marketing services combine Ethical Search Engine Optimization as well as both SEO and social media compliment each other quite nicely.
  • The design of the custom websites is radically different from that of the prebuilt ones, giving it a distinct edge.
  • The custom website can be designed exactly as you wish, including the layout, graphics, navigation and other features
  • In the long run, the uniqueness of the website will rub off on the brand value of the company and will earn many customers.
  • Being flexible is always an advantage, and that is what a custom website brings to the table.
  • ¬†Even though the initial cost of making a custom website is more than that of a pre built one, down the road, the cost of maintenance reduces drastically and hence becomes a profitable investment.
Influencer Outreach

With Highly Relevant’s Influencer Outreach Service, you will have the unique opportunity to tap into key industry and lifestyle segments for the purpose of promoting and popularizing your business. Highly Revelant will actively engage distinguished trendsetters in targeted online communities to ensure that your brand messaging is delivered effectively to their readers, fans, friends and followers. By reaching out and connecting with industry and lifestyle trendsetters across mediums like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums and more, Highly Relevant can harness the power of their voice across a pre-established fan base and directly influence your target consumers.

Social Media Optimization